Potato Coop

Making Breaks Happen


Today the Potato Coop celebrates serving high quality food and creating unique experiences for entire families, businesses, and the community through Food Truck Feasts, Employee Lunches & Appreciation, Catering, and Community Events.

Welcome to our Full Menu!
WARNING: You will not see our Full menu on the truck at one Time!

Our Weekly Menu Typically Consist of...
3 potato Choices
3 entree Choices
3 side Choices
Our Weekly Menu will also consist of an Exclusive Special... Only for Coop Club Members!

Join the Coop Club for Exclusive offers and to stay updated with our weekly menu!



All Potatoes are Served with your Choice of Seasoning
Coop | Garlic Parm | Cajun | BBQ | Ranch

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Add a Potato or Side to your Entree to Make it a Meal
(Save $1.00)


Loaded Potatoes

Step 1: Pick a Potato
Step 2: Pick a Protein
Step 3: Pick up to 3 Toppings

Price: 10.00