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Pork BBQ loaded fries were delicious! Service was fast and friendly! They promised to be bringing their strawberry lemonade on their next visit to the Capitol 🤗.
— Darcie Keeney Bakaric

Food where you want It! No more looking for the closest restaurant. We will come to you - anywhere, anytime!

We are always looking for locations that we can set up at on a reoccurring basis. From office parks to residential complexes, if there are hungry people we are interested!

Connect with local Food Trucks! The Potato Coop works closely serving alongside other highly sought after food trucks in and around Central Pennsylvania. So if you need help finding other trucks, let us know!

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Do you think we could do $500 in sales at your location?

Our schedule fills up quickly! We wish we could attend every location we are invited to, but we are currently only operating one truck and one trailer. Because of this, it is necessary that we prioritize our bookings.

LOCATIONS that agree to our guaranteed minimum sales agreement get first priority.

In most cases, the minimum is met. In the cases that the minimum is not met, it’s typically for one of two reasons. There were too many food vendors at the location or the location doesn’t have enough people for even one food truck.

Our guaranteed minimum sales agreement is a way of ensuring we will be successful at an event. We look at the day/time of the event, projected attendance, and the other food vendors attending to come up with a minimum amount of sales we need to make for your particular event. We typically need to do between $500 and $1,000 in sales to make any amount of profit for an event. For example, if the minimum is $1,000 and we only do $800 in sales, the agreement would require you to pay the additional $200. We will provide a sales report from our cash register. The difference would be due within 2 weeks from the completion of the event.



 What to expect during the Potato Coop’s booking process…


To begin the booking process all you need to do is submit a booking inquiry! All the inquiry consist of is your contact information.



Once the booking inquiry is complete you will receive an email with the password to sign into your client portal. Clients can view emails, contracts, complete forms, and more all from the portal!



Next is the next steps form! This short form only takes a minute to complete. We will gather some basic information about the big day! You will receive an email with a link to complete the next steps form or you can locate it in your portal.



We will be reviewing your book inquiry and deciding if we are able to attend your event. You will receive an email with our decision!



If your event wasn’t accepted it’s most likely because we booked an event that covered our guaranteed minimum of sales! If we accepted your event you will receive an email containing the necessary paperwork and promotional material!



Next you will review the details about the services we are providing. If the services are described as requested you will sign it and move onto the final step.



Congratulations! Once we receive the signed contract we will send you a booking confirmation. Two weeks before the event we will send another form to confirm the attendance of guest and food vendors.