Potato Coop

Making Breaks Happen


Today the Potato Coop celebrates serving high quality food and creating unique experiences for entire families, businesses, and the community through Food Truck Feasts, Employee Lunches & Appreciation, Catering, and Community Events.


COOP club

You want to know where we are going to be next week?
Maybe what we are going to be serving when we visit your work next?
Join the Coop Club and we will keep you in the loop! 


Discounts, Specials, Exclusive Offers

Not only will we occasionally send you promo codes for anything from free drinks to a meal on us. Each week we will have an exclusive special... only for Coop Club Members!

Stay in the loop

If i had a nickel for every time someone walked out of their work and said "Ugh! If i knew you were going to be here today i wouldn't have packed my lunch!" Don't be that guy.. Stay in the loop! 

We only serve a portion of our full menu each week. I know its all your favorite but its nice knowing what you're having for lunch!

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