The Potato Coop celebrates serving high quality food and creating unique experiences for  families, businesses, and the community. We do this through Food Truck Feasts, Employee Lunches & Appreciation, Catering, and Community Events.


Book With Confidence... We have an Established Record Serving at Countless Events


Community Event

Feed hungry crowds at your next block party, street fair or sporting event!

Save Time

We know what you need. We will efficiently communicate and ensure you receive all necessary paperwork to make booking for your event seamless.

Connect to Local Food Trucks

The Potato Coop works closely serving alongside other highly sought after food trucks in and around Central Pennsylvania. So if you need help finding other trucks, let us know!



Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, wedding or a holiday, the Potato Coop will make your party more memorable!

Save the Stress

There is nothing worse than running around stressing about food for your guest at your party. Book the Potato Coop and relax knowing that we have you covered.

Appreciate Employees

Do your employees know how valued they are? Increase productivity by having an employee appreciation day and treating them to the Potato Coop.



Show your employees you care! Buy them lunch or simply provide your workplace with a unique food option!

Lunch Where You Want It

 No more looking for the closest restaurant. We will come to you - anywhere, anytime!

Not the Boss?

 Talk to your employer and co-workers about us coming to your workplace. Reach out and we will figure it out!